Artist: Johnny Cash
Format: 2LP
Bar-code: 5060143491481
Cat No: NOT2LP148


Johnny Cash played an influential role in a number of genres, from country through gospel to rock’n’roll. From humble beginnings in Arkansas during the Great Depression, he forged a career that spanned nearly half a century and produced music right up until his death in 2003. Cash fought his demons daily in the form of drugs and alcohol, and his turbulent life would be immortalised on the silver screen as the 2005 motion picture Walk The Line. Here we have one of Cash’s early works, released at a time when the world was still getting to know one of the most entertaining and enigmatic artists of the 20th century. Sit back and enjoy the Man in Black as he hits his musical stride.


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Ride This Train

LP 1 Side 1- Ride This Train

1. Loading Coal (5:04)
2. Slow Rider (4:14)
3. Lumberjack (3:07)
4. Dorraine Of Ponchartrain (4:51)

LP 1 Side 2

1. Going To Memphis (4:26)
2. When Papa Played The Dobro (2:58)
3. Boss Jack (4:00)
4. Old Doc Brown (4:12)

Bonus Tracks

LP 2 Side 1

1. Loading Coal (Without Spoken Intro) (2:16)
2. Slow Rider (Without Spoken Intro) (2:42)
3. Lumberjack (Without Spoken Intro) (1:50)
4. Dorraine Of Ponchartrain (Without Spoken Intro) (3:40)
5. Going To Memphis (Without Spoken Intro) (3:11)
6. When Papa Played The Dobro (Without Spoken Intro) (1:43)

LP 2 Side 2

1. Boss Jack (Without Spoken Intro) (1:41)
2. Old Doc Brown (Without Spoken Intro) (2:59)


3. The Ballad Of Boot Hill (Without Spoken Intro) (2:36)
4. The Ballad Of Boot Hill (With Spoken Intro) (3:51)
5. Remember The Alamo (2:29)
6. Smiling Bill McCall (2:07)