Artist: Ace
Format: 2LP
Bar-code: 5060384462042
Cat No: BAD2LP204


Ace released three albums on the Anchor label between 1974 and 1977, but will always be remembered for one song. That song, ‘How Long’, made Number 20 in their native United Kingdom but went all the way to Number 3 in the States in 1975. Ace only scored one major chart album, but this ‘Best Of’ proves they were far, far more than one hit wonders. Play it to a friend and odds are they’ll think they’re listening to an American band – to Ace, that would have represented the ultimate compliment. Don’t expect an Ace reunion; just enjoy their best as originally delivered, on vinyl.

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LP 1 : Side 1

1. How Long
2. No Future In Your Eyes
3. Rock & Roll Runaway
4. I’m A Man
5. You’re All That I Need

LP 1 : Side 2

1. Sniffin’ About
2. Know How It Feels
3. This Is What You Find
4. Crazy World
5. Found Out The Hard Way

LP 2 : Side 1

1. 24 Hours
2. Ain’t Gonna Stand For This No More
3. I’m Not Takin’ It Out On You
4. Time Ain’t Long
5. Does It Hurt You

LP 2 : Side 2

1. (The) Real Feeling
2. Why Did You Leave Me
3. I Think It’s Gonna Last
4. Movin’
5. Why