Greatest Hits

Format: 2CD
Bar-code: 5060255182949
Cat No: DAY2CD294


Every time you hear it, Danny & The Juniors‘ original version of ‘At The Hop’ packs a real punch; and the futher 29 tracks gathered together here still perfectly encasulate a magical period in American pop history.


1. At The Hop
2. Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay
3. Some Kind Of Nut
4. Playing Hard To Get
5. The Pony Express
6. In The Meantime
7. (Do The) Mashed Potatoes
8. Twistin’ USA
9. Crazy Cave
10. I Feel So Lonely
11. Mister Whisper
12. Do You Love Me
13. The Charleston Fish
14. Now And Then
15. Funny


1. Back To The Hop
2. Oo-La-La-Limbo
3. Somehow I Can’t Forget
4. Sometimes (When I’m All Alone)
5. Twistin’ All Night Long
6. Daydreamer
7. A Thief
8. We Got Soul
9. Dottie
10. Doin’ The Continental Walk
11. School Boy Romance
12. Cha Cha Go Go
13. Of Love
14. Sassy Fran
15. A Thousand Miles Away