The Big Beat [180g Vinyl LP]

Artist: Art Blakey
Format: LP
Bar-code: 5060397601902
Cat No: CATLP190


It takes one to know one. Which is why jazz drummers have always
been ready to join the queue when assessing Art Blakey’s influence,
not only in the field of percussion but in the shaping of his chosen
genre. Max Roach described him as “An original – the only drummer
whose time I recognise immediately. When I first met him on 52nd
Street in 1944, he already had the polyrhythmic thing down. He was
doing it before anybody else.” Thelonious Monk Jr concurred: “When
I became a drummer, I learned how to swing from Art Blakey. What
he did with the hi-hat and his roll got pressed into my soul. He had a
primal approach to drums.” All of which warmed the ears of Blakey,
who admitted that his aim was to be one of the greatest drummers in
the world- an ambition which he undoubtedly achieved.

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Side One
1. The Chess Players
2. Sakeena’s Vision
3. Politely
Side Two
1. Dat Dere
2. Lester Left Town
3. It’s Only A Paper Moon