Out There (180G VINYL LP)

Artist: Eric Dolphy
Format: LP
Bar-code: 5060348583370
Cat No: NOTLP337


Multi-instrumentalist and Composer Eric Dolphy made a significant impact in the world of Jazz over a period of half a dozen years running from 1958 until his untimely death in 1964. He took part in many of the great recording sessions, both as a leader and sideman, that moulded the sounds and outlook for modern Jazz as it developed over subsequent decades. In addition, in his superior hands, he gave a voice to the under-used Bass Clarinet – as heard on both the tracks Eclipse and Serene, eventually taken up by equally adept Reedmen, and his Flute playing became a model for those looking to expand the range of the instrument. Examples of his leadership and fluidity as a Flautist are featured on 17 West and Sketch of Melba where he shapes the character of both compositions. 1960 became his breakthrough year as Prestige Records gave him the chance to record under his own name which resulted in 1961’s Out There. Dolphy emerges on this album as a fully-fledged Modernist. His technique is impressive but the emotional commitment he brings to the music is equally striking.

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1. Out There
2. Serene
3. The Baron

1. Eclipse
2. 17 West
3. Sketch Of Melba
4. Feathers