‘Handsome’ [180G TURQUOISE VINYL LP]

Artist: Kilburn & The High-Roads
Format: LP
Bar-code: 5060384460161
Cat No: BADLP016


The 1975 debut album of Kilburn and The High-Roads, ‘Handsome’ features the singles Rough Kids and Crippled With Nerves. Formed by the influential Ian Dury, proto-punks Kilburn and The High-Roads would inspire the architects of the London punk scene that would follow a year later.



1. Rough Kids (Single Version)
2. The Roadette Song
3. Pam’s Moods
4. Crippled With Nerves
5. Broken Skin
6. Upminster Kid
7. Billy Bentley (Promenades Himself In London)



1. Patience (So What?)
2. Father
3. Thank You Mum
4. Rough Kids
5. The Badger & The Rabbit
6. The Mumble Rumble And The Cocktail Rock
7. The Call-Up