EASY RIDER [180g Vinyl LP]

Format: LP
Bar-code: 5060397601339
Cat No: CATLP133


Huddie Ledbetter was born on January 29th, 1885 near Mooringsport – North-Western Louisiana. He expressed an interest in music at a very early age and was soon able to play the guitar, piano and accordion which led to him playing at local dances. His powerful performances quickly became renowned through-out his home state. With a technique of playing with finger picks, most of the time, using a thumb pick to provide a walking bassline earning him the title of “King of the 12-String Guitar”. Lead Belly’s huge recorded repertoire would later become well-known country and blues songs, with an increasing interest in his work growing over the years, popularised by bands such as Nirvana. He has left behind an amazing legacy and outstanding contribution to the Blues.

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1. Easy Rider
2. Midnight Special
3. John Hardy
4. Pretty Flowers In My Back Yard
5. The Gallis Pole
6. The Boll Weevil
7. Leaving Blues
8. Where Did You Sleep Last Night?


1. Black Betty
2. C.C. Rider
3. In New Orleans (House of the Rising Sun)
4. Fannin Street
5. Roberta
6. Whoa Back, Buk
7. Rock Island Line
8. Goodnight Irene