The Real Ambassadors (180G VINYL LP)

Format: LP
Bar-code: 5060348582137
Cat No: NOTLP213


A rare example of a ‘jazz opera’, The Real Ambassadors was an innovative concept when first released in 1962. Heading an all-star cast, Louis Armstrong was at the peak of his popularity and still playing magnificent trumpet, while Dave Brubeck was hailed as one of the most creative and successful musicians of the age. Enjoy this incredible LP, including “Cultural Exchange”, “Summer Song” and “Since Love Had Its Way”



1. Everybody’s Comin’
2. Cultural Exchange
3. Good Reviews
4. Remember Who You Are
5. My One Bad Habit
6. Summer Song
7. King For A Day
8. Blow Satchmo
9. The Real Ambassador



1. In The Lurch
2. One Moment Worth Years
3. They Say I Look Like God
4. Since Love Had Its Way
5. I Didn’t Know Until You Told Me
6. Swing Bells; Blow Satchmo; Finale