That Bo Diddley Beat (2cd set)

Format: 2CD
Bar-code: 5060143497032
Cat No: NOT2CD703


Diddley wore huge glasses, sported impossibly loud check jackets and wielded a distinctive rectangular guitar – but the thing that really made him stand out from the crowd was his trademark ‘hambone’ guitar riff. Even though Bo didn’t exactly invent the riff, he definitely made it his own and parlayed it into an entire career, represented here by the eponymous Bo Diddley, the romantic pleas of Pretty Thing, the yearning Mona, and the boastful strut of Gunslinger. All of which prove what an amazing range of material could be squeezed out of just one beat. But Bo couldn’t keep that beat all to himself, because it was highly infectious. The rest of this 2-CD set is crammed with fine examples of those who fell under Bo’s influence, which amounted to pretty much everybody who was anybody at the time.


Disc 1

1. Bo Diddley – Bo Diddley
2. Willie And The Hand Jive – The Johnny Otis Show
3. You’ve Done It Again – Andy & The Live Wires
4. Hambone – Carl Perkins
5. Pretty Plaid Skirt (And Long Black Sox) – Mel Smith And The Night Riders
6. Idol With The Golden Head – The Coasters
7. Hey Little Girl – Dee Clark
8. Boom Stix – Curley & The Jades
9. Cannonball – Duane Eddy
10. In Love Again – Gene Vincent
11. Bo-Da-Ley Didd-Ley – Little Willie John
12. The Snake And The Bookworm – Richard Barrett
13. Sleepy Time Rock – Jay Nelson And The Jumpers
14. Let’s Take A Walk – The Crescendos
15. (Marie’s The Name) His Latest Flame – Elvis Presley
16. Ain’t That Right – Marvin & Johnny
17. Muskrat – The Everly Brothers
18. Calling All Cows – Blues Rockers
19. Cherokee Dance –
Bob Landers with Willie Joe and his Unitar
20. Pretty Thing – Bo Diddley

Disc 2

1. Mona – Bo Diddley
2.Not Fade Away – The Crickets (featuring Buddy Holly)
3. Chicken Hop – Billy Bland
4. High School U.S.A. Virginia – Tommy Facenda
5. Joe Joe Gun – Chuck Berry
6. Be-Bop Baby – Rick Nelson
7. Crazy Country Hop – The Johnny Otis Show
8. Hey Bo Diddley – Bill Black’s Combo
9. Buzz Buzz A-Diddle-It – Freddy Cannon
10. Bayou Rock – Joe Bennett And The Sparkletones
11. Weekend – Eddie Cochran
12. Jive Talk – Sandy Nelson
13. Do The Do – Howlin’ Wolf
14. Brontosaurus Stomp – The Piltdown Men
15. Old Smokie – Johnny And The Hurricanes
16. Electrode – B-B
17. Broken Hearted Man – Robert & Johnny
18. Surfing Drums – Dick Dale
19. Mope-Itty Mope – Boss-Tones
20. Gunslinger – Bo Diddley