Real Funky Blues (2cd set)

Format: 2CD
Bar-code: 5060143496295
Cat No: NOT2CD629


There can be no doubt that the Blues remains an enduring musical force, and if you do your homework you can track it right back to the 19th Century. But it was the later mass migration of African-Americans from the South to the Northern cities of the US that led to an explosion of electric Blues. Throughout these times and changes, the Blues has retained its own identity while assimilating their musical influences, as evidenced by the title of this fine collection of recordings. All over Europe, and back home in the US, the Blues is firmly entrenched as a major genre, and this collection proves just how well rock, funk and soul have merged with it and taken it forward for modern audiences.

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1. My Turn To Win – Johnny Rawls
2. I Just Can’t Help It – U.P. Wilson & Bobby Gilmore
3. Desert Island – Johnny Mars
4. Bluesman For Life – Kenny ‘Blue’ Ray
5. Ike’s Blues – Ike Cosse
6. Spanish Greens – Hubert Sumlin
7. Dirty Man – Eddie Blue Lester
8. Big Butt Woman – Alanda Williams
9. What Is Going On – Kirk Fletcher
10. Lowell’s Jump – Lowell Fulson
11. Pay Check – Lucky Lopez Evans
12. How Do I, Why Do I (Love) – Tamara Peterson
13. Made Up My Mind – U. P. Wilson
14. Big Leg, Heavy Bottom – Andrew Jr. Boy Jones
15. Should Be At Work – Johnny Rawls
16. Let Me Tell You About My Baby – Joe Coronado & The Texas Beat
17. Confusion Blues – Eddie C. Campbell


1. My Thang – Eddie Blue Lester
2. Rock Bottom – Carol Fran & Clarence Hollimon
3. Me & My Guitar – Buddy Guy
4. Bad Company – Sweet Betty
5. My Girl – Eddie C. Campbell
6. Back In Your Arms – Johnny Rawls
7. Been Burned – Mick Martin & The Blues Rockers
8. All I Can Do – Hubert Sumlin
9. Horses & Places – Johnny Mars
10. Hail To The King – Lucky Lopez Evans
11. You’re A Dog – Andrew Jr. Boy Jones
12. Free – Tamara Peterson & Lucky Peterson
13. Take It Easy – U. P. Wilson
14. That’s Why I’m Goin’ Away – Johnny Rawls
15. 85% – Carey Bell
16. Kid Dynamite – Alanda Williams
17. Mellow Down – Buddy Guy