The Best Of Jim Reeves (3cd set)

Artist: Jim Reeves
Format: 3CD
Bar-code: 5060342021489
Cat No: NOT3CD148


The Jim Reeves story started in Panola County, Texas, in August 1923 and ended when he died in a plane crash on 31st July 1964 – yet even today, half a century later, he is still a legend.

The Country Music Hall of Fame, to which he was elected posthumously in 1967,made the following citation: ‘The velvet style of “Gentleman Jim Reeves” was an international influence. His rich voice bought millions of new fans to country music from every corner of the world…Posterity will keep his name alive because they will remember him as one of country music’s most important performers.’

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1. Welcome To My World
2. Four Walls
3. Billy Bayou
4. The Blizzard
5. I’m Gonna Change Everything
6. A Letter To My Heart
7. I Fall To Pieces
8. Partners
9. The Fool’s Paradise
10. Blue Boy
11. Anna Marie
12. There’s Always Me
13. You’re The Only Good Thing
14. Overnight
15. Dark Moon
16. The Letter Edged In Black
17. I’m A Fool To Care
18. Rodger Young
19. It’s Nothin’ To Me
20. Be Honest With Me
21. I’m Beginning To Forget You
22. Stand At Your Window
23. What I Feel In My Heart?
24. I’d Like To Be
25. The Streets Of Laredo


1. He’ll Have To Go
2. A Room Full Of Roses
3. Dear Hearts And Gentle People
4. Losing Your Love
5. Fool Such As I
6. Home
7. Bimbo
8. Am I Losing You?
9. I’m Gettin’ Better
10. Adios Amigo
11. The Mighty Everglades
12. A Railroad Bum
13. Tie That Binds
14. Mona Lisa
15. My Lips Are Sealed
16. Highway To Nowhere
17. Wild Rose
18. All Dressed Up And Lonely
19. I Know One
20. We Could
21. It’s No Sin
22. If Heartache Is The Fashion
23. Throw Another Log On The Fire
24. Someday
25. Have You Ever Been Lonely


1. According To My Heart
2. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?
3. Blue Skies
4. Precious Memories
5. Two Shadows On Your Window
6. Mexican Joe
7. Just Walking In The Rain
8. The Wreck Of The Number Nine
9. I Missed Me
10. Sweet Sue Just You
11. What Would You Do?
12. Penny Candy
13. Waitin’ For A Train
14. Till The End Of The World
15. I’m Hurtin’ Inside
16. Drinking Tequila
17. Yonder Comes A Sucker
18. Danny Boy
19. Is This Me?
20. You’ll Never Be Mine Again
21. Ramona
22. Don’t Tell Me
23. You’re Free To Go
24. I Can’t Stop Loving You
25. Goodnight Irene