Essential Doo-Wop Soul (2cd set)

Format: 2CD
Bar-code: 5060143497094
Cat No: NOT2CD709


The forgotten part of rock’n’roll was doo-wop, which was mostly associated with the large cities like New York, Chicago and Philadelphia.  But what is doo-wop? The Oxford English Dictionary calls it “a style of pop music marked by the use of close harmony vocals using nonsense phrases, originating in the US in the 1950s.” The abiding image of doo-wop is of four kids singing under a street lamp or in the doorway of an apartment block, probably black, and probably in Harlem. Although we now regard those three vocal groups as doo-wop, the singers would have been confused because, at the time, there was no such term. They considered themselves rock’n’roll or rhythm and blues, and the descriptive phrase ‘doo wop’ wasn’t created until 1969 for some radio broadcasts in New York. Today, many doowop fans collect the original 45s and some of them are worth thousands of dollars. This collection features 40 titles and the original singles are, in many cases, very valuable indeed.


Disc 1

1. Lookin’ For Love – The Valentinos
2. Prisoner Of Love – Fabulous Four
3. Downtown – The Five Satins
4. I Just Want To Know – The Delacardos
5. I Know It’s Hard But It’s Fair – The 5 Royales
6. I Got My Eyes On You – The Clovers
7. If You Need Me, I’ll Be There – The Laddins
8. Confession Of Love – The Del-Vikings
9. I Wonder (If Your Love Will Ever Belong To Me) – The Pentagons
10. One Day I’ll Show You (I Really Love You) – The Radiants
11. (I Know) Your Love Has Gone Away – The Drapers
12. I’ll Kiss Your Teardrops Away – The Laddins
13. Nobody Loves Me Like You – The Flamingos
14. Spring Fever – The Velvets
15. For Sentimental Reasons – The Cleftones
16. This Is My Love – The Passions
17. A Fallen Tear – The Marcels
18. This Year’s ‘Mister New’ – The Videls
19. Moving On – The Dells
20. Greetings (This Is Uncle Sam) – The Valadiers

Disc 2

1. Breaking Hearts – Varetta & The Thomases
2. Lover Come Back To Me – The Cleftones
3. You’re Breaking My Heart – The Daylighters
4. The Watusi Wobble – The Profiles
5. Look At The Stars – The Bobbettes
6. I Love You – The Volumes
7. I’m The One – The Trilons
8. Disillusioned – The Tams
9. My Sugar Sugar – The 5 Royales
10. Hold Back The Tears – The Delacardos
11. Paradise – The Temptations
12. The Parade Of Broken Hearts – The Soul Brothers
13. There She Goes – The Cleftones
14. Sad Fool – The Rollettes
15. In My Younger Days – The Monarchs
16. Ko Ko Mo (I Love You So) – Gene & Eunice
17. Woe Is Me – The Cadillacs
18. ’Til The 13th Month – The Lions
19. Take A Giant Step (Walk On) – The Profiles
20. Just For Your Love – The Falcons