Cut That Out [Gatefold, 2LP Vinyl SET]

Format: 2LP
Bar-code: 5060403742742
Cat No: NOT2LP274


Wells’ recording career began with singles. From the early 1950s through to the early 1960s Wells recorded a number of singles as a solo artist for various labels including States Records, USA, Chief Records (and its subsidiary, Profile Records), and it’s that period that forms the basis of this 2-LP set. Wells wrote or co-wrote over half the songs here; several more tracks were written by Mel London, the house producer and owner of Chief Records. It’s an interesting collection, full of great rarities.

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LP One Side One

1. Cut That Out
2. Eagle Rock
3. Junior’s Wail
4. Hoodoo Man
5. ‘Bout The Break Of Day
6. Lawdy! Lawdy!
7. Tomorrow Night

LP One Side Two

1. So All Alone
2. Two-Headed Woman
3. Lovey Dovey Lovey One
4. I Could Cry
5. So Tired
6. Can’t Live Without You, Baby
7. Little By Little

LP Two Side One

1. Come On In This House
2. You Don’t Care
3. Prison Bars All Around Me
4. Galloping Horses A Lazy Mule (with Earl Hooker)
5. Messing With The Kid
6. Universal Rock (with Earl Hooker)
7. I’m A Stranger

LP Two Side Two

1. The Things I’d Do For You
2. You Sure Look Good To Me
3. I Need Me A Car
4. Cha Cha Cha In Blue
5. It Hurts Me Too
6. Blue Monday (Live with Buddy Guy)