Touch Of Evil OST

Artist: Henry Mancini
Format: LP
Bar-code: 5060348581888
Cat No: NOTLP188


Touch Of Evil was to be Orson Welles’ last studio picture, but Mancini would, of course, go on to further acclaim. Enjoy this soundtrack as the atmospheric score for a classic Hollywood motion picture – but, just as importantly, it stands as the only artefact that remains of a creative collaboration between two of the of the greatest artistic titans of the twentieth century.

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Side 1

1. Main Title
2. Orson Around
3. Blue Pianola
4. Son Of Raunchy
5. Strollin’ Blues
6. Borderline Montuna
7. Lease Breaker

Side 2

1. Tana’s Theme
2. Background For Murder
3. Rock Me To Sleep
4. Ku Ku
5. Reflection
6. The Big Drag