The Very Best Of

Format: 2CD
Bar-code: 5060255183182
Cat No: DAY2CD318


Johnny Preston was only 20 years old when he recorded Running Bear, an international hit that topped the charts in both Britain and America during 1960. As this collection shows, he had the talent to make many more hits, but it didn’t quite work out that way. He had some follow-up successes, but within a year he was struggling. The records you will hear on this collection certainly deserved much greater success.

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1. Running Bear
2. Cradle Of Love
3. Charming Billy
4. Token Of Love
5. Earth Angel
6. Willy Walk
7. I’m Starting To Go Steady
8. Kissin’ Tree
9. Hearts Of Stone
10. Madre De Dios (Mother Of God)
11. Pretend
12. Just Little Boy Blue
13. That’s All I Want
14. Danny Boy
15. Sitting Here Crying
16. Let The Big Boss Man (Pull You Through)
17. My Imagination
18. Let’s Leave It That Way
19. Let Them Talk
20. Do What You Did



1. Feel So Good (Feel So Fine)
2. Leave My Kitten Alone
3. Free Me
4. Big Chief Heartbreak
5. Up In The Air
6. You’ll Never Walk Alone
7. What Am I Living For
8. Guardian Angel
9. I Feel Good
10. Please Believe Me
11. The Day After Forever
12. Broken Hearts Anonymous
13. The Twist
14. My Heart Knows
15. The Angels Gave You To Me
16. Dream
17. City Of Tears
18. She Once Belonged To Me
19. New Baby For Christmas
20. (I Want A) Rock And Roll Guitar