The Very Best Of Kenny Rogers & The First Edition (3cd set)

Format: 3CD
Bar-code: 5060432022464
Cat No: NOT3CD246


Before his hair turned grey, and before he racked up a raft of international hits such as “Lucille”, “Coward Of The County” and “We’ve Got Tonight”, Kenny Rogers had already been a regular visitor to the charts for nearly two decades. The proof is here on this 3CD package which gathers together the best of his work with the First Edition, as well as a selection of rare solo recordings from the early years of his career.

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1 Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town
2. Just Dropped In
(To See What Condition My Condition Was In)
3. King Of Oak Street
4. We All Got To Help Each Other
5. Reuben James
6. Tell It All Brother
7. Last Few Threads Of Love
8. Where Does Rosie Go
9. Girl Get A Hold Of Yourself
10. Trying Just As Hard
11. It’s Raining In My Mind
12. My Washington Woman
13. Love Woman
14. Tulsa Turnaround
15. Poem For My Little Lady


1. For The Good Times
2. Shine On Ruby Mountain
3. Sleep Comes Easy
4. Always Leaving, Always Gone
5. A New Design
6. Once Again She’s All Alone
7. Lay It Down
8. I Just Want To Give My Love To You
9. Sunshine
10. Goodtime Liberator
11. Calico Silver
12. All God’s Lonely Children
13. Homemade Lies
14. Something’s Burning
15. If Wishes Were Horses


1. Me And Bobby McGee
2. A Stranger In My Place
3. Shadow In The Corner Of Your Mind
4. But You Know I Love You
5. Elvira
6. Heed The Call
7. Molly
8. She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye
9. I’m Gonna Sing You A Sad Song Suzie


10. That Crazy Feeling
11. We’ll Always Have Each Other
12. For You Alone
13. I’ve Got A Lot To Learn
14. So Unimportant
15. Mine Alone