The Very Best Of

Artist: John Lee Hooker
Format: LP
Bar-code: 5060397601261
Cat No: CATLP126


John Lee Hooker represents the Mississippi blues in its purest form, and that is a mighty powerful form of
communication. ‘All my songs tell stories people can relate to,’ he claimed. ‘And the way I play it, they can feel it.’ Hooker’s long and eventful life finally ended on 21 June 2001 at his home in Los Altos, California. He remains today not only a blues icon but a music legend whose name will live on through songs like those featured here – a collection
that, amazingly, can only scratch the surface of his total recorded legacy.

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1. Boom Boom
2. Crawlin’ King Snake
3. Shake It Baby
4. I’m In The Mood
5. No Shoes
6. Little Wheel
7. Solid Sender
8. Boogie Chillun


1. Dimples
2. Hobo Blues
3. I Love You Honey
4. I’m So Excited
5. Leave My Wife Alone
6. Every Night
7. I’m Prison Bound
8. Sugar Mama