John Lee Hooker – The Vee-Jay Singles Collection (2CD SET)

Artist: John Lee Hooker
Format: 2CD
Bar-code: 5060143495182
Cat No: NOT2CD518


With his simple, hypnotic boogie rhythms, John Lee Hooker is arguably the most influential of all post Wold War II bluesmen. The 40 tracks form only part of the musical legacy John Lee left to the world. But even if you only measure them by their influence – the Doors covered ‘Crawlin’ Kingsnake’, guitarist Wilko Johnson named his group the Solid Senders, the list goes on – they earn their place in any blues CD collection.

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1. Mambo Chillun
2. Time Is Marching
3. Every Night
4. Trouble Blues
5. Dimples
6. Baby Lee
7. The Road Is So Rough
8. I’m So Worried Baby
9. I’m So Excited
10. I See You When You’re Weak
11. Little Wheel
12. Rosie Mae
13. You Can Lead Me Baby
14. Unfriendly Woman
15. I Love You Honey
16. You’ve Taken My Woman
17. Maudie
18. I’m In The Mood
19. Tennessee Blues
20. Boogie Chillun


1. Hobo Blues
2. Crawlin’ Kingsnake
3. No Shoes
4. Solid Sender
5. Dusty Road
6. Tupelo
7. I’m Mad Again
8. I’m Going Upstairs
9. Want Ad Blues
10. Take Me As I Am
11. Boom Boom
12. Let’s Make It
13. Drug Store Woman
14. She’s Mine
15. A New Leaf

Bonus Tracks:

16. Whiskey And Wimmen’
17. The Hobo
18. I’ll Know Tonight
19. Blues Before Sunrise
20. Goin’ To California