The Sweet Sound Of Africa (2cd set)

Artist: Miriam Makeba
Format: 2CD
Bar-code: 5060143494130
Cat No: NOT2CD413


Miriam Makeba, who departed this life in 2008, was much more than just a singer. She was a political activist who used her gifts to bring the plight of her mother country, South Africa, to the world. When Paul Simon controversially broke the global cultural embargo to record ‘Graceland’ in the mid Eighties, she assisted him, reasoning that it kept South Africa’s problems in the headlines and in the world’s debating chambers – even though she was accused of being a traitor to the cause. This combination of ethics, practicality and a wonderful singing voice earned her over the years the unofficial honour of Empress of African Song or, more simply Mama Africa. Sadly she had many tragedies to overcome in her personal life, but this only served to push her to further heights. This compilation illustrates the early musical chapters of a fascinating life.

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CD 1

1. The Click Song
2. Phata Phata
3. Mtshakasi
4. Table Mountain
5. Thanayi (Story Song About A Girl Named Thanayi)
6. Liwa Wechi (Congolese Lament. The Wife Bids Her Husband Farewell Leaves For The Mines)
7. Uthando Luyaphela
8. Uyadela
9. Carnival
10. Kilimanjaro (Hunting Song And Boot Dance)
11. Suliram
12. Saduva
13. Mbube
14. Ndimbone Dluca
15. Night Must Fall
16. Nagula (Witch Doctor Song)
17. Love Tastes Like Strawberries (West Indian Ballad)
18. Makoti
19. Owakho
20. Ekoneni
21. Sindiza Ngecadillacs
22. Baya Ndi Memeza

CD 2

1. Iya Guduza
2. Nomeva
3. Zenizenabo (A Courage Song For Warriors)
4. Can’t Cross Over (West Indian Calypso)
5. House Of The Rising Sun
6. Olilili
7. Umhome
8. Umqokozo (A Children’s Game Song About A New Red Dress)
9. Ntjilo Ntjilo (Lullaby To A Child About A Little Canary)
10. Ngola Kurila (A Woman Pacifies Her Hungry Child. There Is Nothing To Eat)
11. The Naughty Little Flea
12. Where Does It Lead?
13. Lakutshn, Iianga
14. The Retreat Song
15. Ndamcenga
16. Ndidliwe Zintabe
17. Inkomo Zodwa
18. Nomalungelo
19. Kutheni Sithandwa
20. Vula Amasango
21. Yini Madoda
22. Baby Ntsoare
23. One More Dance (With Charles Colman)