The Sound Of The Bellamy Brothers (2cd set)

Artist: The Bellamy Brothers
Format: 2CD
Bar-code: 5060143496110
Cat No: NOT2CD611


Enjoy the sound of David and Howard Bellamy, the country duo who to date have released more than 50 albums. This 2
disc collection boasts some of their finest songs, including “If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body…”, “Too Much Is Not
Enough”, “Big Love” and “For All The Wrong Reasons”.

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CD 1

1. If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body
(Would You Hold It Against Me)
2. Too Much Is Not Enough
3. Dancin’ Cowboys
4. Do You Love As Good As You Look
5. Lie To You For Your Love
6. Feelin’ The Feelin’
7. Santa Fe
8. World’s Greatest Lover
9. Big Love
10. Hillbilly Hell 11. Cowboy Beat
12. Love By The Moon
13. Can I Come On Home To You
14. We Dared The Lightning
15. Sugar Daddy
16. I Could Be Persuaded
17. What’ll I Do
18. She’s Awesome
19. The Center Of My Universe
20. A Hard Way To Make An Easy Livin’
21. Rebels Without A Clue
22. I’ll Give You All My Love Tonight


CD 2

1. For All The Wrong Reasons
2. Kids Of The Baby Boom
3. I Love Her Mind
4. Old Hippie
5. I Need More Of You
6. Crazy From The Heart
7. Strong Weakness
8. Redneck Girl
9. Rip Off The Knob
10. Almost Jamaica
11. Big Hair
12. After The Storm
13. Desperadoes In Love
14. Lovers Live Longer
15. Jalapeños
16. She Don’t Know That She’s Perfect
17. Back In The Day
18. Catahoula
19. Not
20. Country Rap
21. Get Into Reggae Cowboy
22. You’re My Favourite Star