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Artist: John Barry
Format: 2CD
Bar-code: 5060143495786
Cat No: NOT2CD578


With its unmistakable rumbling guitar riff, adrenalin-pumping string arrangement and swaggering horns,‘The James Bond Theme’ is known to millions of movie-goers worldwide. Even though he didn’t write it, it has become synonymous with one man – John Barry, and his contribution to 20th-century popular culture is incalculable. This two-CD set brings together many of his early singles, EPs and album tracks which would provide the groundwork and pave the way for his huge successes to come.

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CD 1

1. Hit And Miss
2. Walk Don’t Run
3. Beat Girl
4. The Lolly Theme
5. Farrago
6. Spanish Harlem
7. Black Stockings
8. March Of The Mandarins
9. Twist It
10. For Pete’s Sake
11. Rockin’ Already
12. Lost Patrol
13. The Magnificent Seven
14. Skid Row
15. The City 2000 A.D.
16. The Menace
17. 12th Street Rag
18. Big Fella
19. There’s Life In The Old Boy Yet
20. Long John
21. Starfire
22. The Immediate Pleasure
23. Lindon Home Rock
24. Blueberry Hill
25. Zip Zip