The Early Sounds Of Garage Rock [180G Vinyl LP]

Format: LP
Bar-code: 5060397602602
Cat No: CATLP260


In the UK ‘Garage’ is most commonly used to refer to Rock music – mostly of the kind that’s a bit rough (and ready) round the edges. Most of the Punks were Garage bands, and before them were Psychedelic Rockers, and before them Surfers and Beat bands. All the groups on this compilation hail from the late 1950s and very early 1960s. Featured genres are Surfer instrumentals, Doo-Wop, ‘Trash’ Doo-Wop, Frat-Rock and Beat music.



1. Louie Louie – Rockin’ Robin Roberts
2. The 2,000 Pound Bee (Part 1) – The Ventures
3. Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow – The Rivingtons
4. One More Chance – Rock-A-Tones
5. Boss – The Rumblers
6. Califf Boogie – The Teen Beats
7. Dirty Robber – The Wailers
8. Underwater – The Frogmen
1. The Ghost Hop – The Surfmen
2. The Whip – The Frantics
3. Twenty Thousand Leagues – The Champs
4. Maryann – Rockin’ Robin Roberts
5. Trip To Bandstand – B.B. Cunningham
6. Maggie – Andy And The Live Wires
7. Bonfire (Part 1) – Ronny Kay
8. Orbit (The Spy) – Paul Revere & The Raiders