Bessie Smith – The Anthology (2CD SET)

Artist: Bessie Smith
Format: 2CD
Bar-code: 5060143493423
Cat No: NOT2CD342


Bessie Smith dominated what has become known as ‘classic blues’. Living every day as though it were her last was hardly conducive to a long life, but it gave the singer experience of suffering which she brought out in her singing. Not that Bessie was lacking in humour; the recordings of more comic material are every bit as red blooded as her articulation of disillusionment and hurt. Enjoy these two discs of her best material, digitally remastered for optimum listening experience.

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CD 1

1. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out
2. Gin House Blues
3. Send Me To The ‘Lectric Chair
4. T’Ain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do
5. I Need A Little Sugar In My Bowl
6. After You’ve Gone
7. Careless Love Blues
8. Preachin’ The Blues
9. Black Mountain Blues
10. Sinful Blues
11. Homeless Blues
12. Downhearted Blues
13. Any Woman’s Blues
14. He’s Gone Blues
15. Graveyard Dream Blues
16. Lady Luck Blues
17. The Bye Bye Blues
18. House Rent Blues
19. Woman’s Trouble Blues
20. Work House Blues
21. I Ain’t Gonna Play No Second Fiddle
22. Love Me Daddy Blues
23. St. Louis Blues
24. Gimme A Pigfoot (And A Bottle Of Beer)

CD 2

1. Hard Driving Papa
2. Me And My Gin
3. Dyin’ By The Hour
4. I’d Rather Be Dead And Buried In My Grave
5. Aggravatin’ Papa (Don’t You Two-Time Me)
6. Lock And Key
7. On Revival Day
8. Looking For My Man Blues
9. There’ll Be A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight
10. Back Water Blues
11. Young Woman’s Blues
12. A Good Man Is Hard To Find
13. Baby, Won’t You Please Come Home?
14. Golden Rule Blues
15. What’s The Matter Now?
16. Honeyman Blues
17. Muddy Water (A Mississippi Moan)
18. Foolish Man Blues
19. Kitchen Man
20. Gulf Coast Blues
21. Foolish Man Blues
22. Chicago Bound Blues
23. Alexander’s Ragtime Band
24. Sing Sing Prison Blues