Supersonic Sounds (3cd set)

Format: 3CD
Bar-code: 5060432022501
Cat No: NOT3CD250


When the sun rose on Sun Ra in the mid-20th century, his innovative style cast a shining light that spurred the development of modern jazz and other forms of popular music. What would Sun Ra have made of today’s music scene? If he is looking down from his cosmic realm, he’ll be pleased to know that his music from the past still sounds eerily futuristic. Enjoy three original albums on three CDs: Super-Sonic Jazz, Jazz By Sun Ra and Jazz In Silhouette.

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DISC 1: Super-Sonic Jazz

1. India
2. Sunology
3. Advice To Medics
4. Super Blonde
5. Soft Talk
6. Sunology, Part II
7. Kingdom Of Not
8. Portrait Of The Living Sky
9. Blues At Midnight
10. El Is A Sound Of Joy
11. Springtime In Chicago
12. Medicine For A Nightmare


DISC 2: Jazz By Sun Ra

1. Brainville
2. Call For All Demons
3. Transition
4. Possession
5. Street Named Hell
6. Lullaby For Realville
7. Future
8. New Horizons
9. Fall Off The Log
10. Sun Song


DISC 3: Jazz In Silhouette

1. Hours After
2. Horoscope
3. Images
4. Blues At Midnight
5. Enlightenment
6. Saturn
7. Velvet
8. Ancient Ethiopia