Songs Of Our Soil (2cd set)

Artist: Johnny Cash
Format: 2CD
Bar-code: 5060143493317
Cat No: NOT2CD331


Writers and critics usually like to place artists in categories, but Johnny Cash’s versatility must have caused them some problems over the years. He became famous for singing country ballads, but the sound he introduced was new and different. Love songs, often flavoured with elements of folk, gospel and rockabilly touched the hearts of millions and brought him world-wide fame. Featured here are his two original album releases: ‘Songs Of Our Soul’ and ‘Hymns By Johnny Cash’, digitally remastered with bonus tracks.

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CD 1: Songs Of Our Soil

1. Drink To Me
2. Five Feet High And Rising
3. The Man On The Hill
4. Hank And Joe And Me
5. Clementine
6. The Great Speckled Bird
7. I Want To Go Home
8. The Caretaker
9. Old Apache Squaw
10. Don’t Step On Mother’s Roses
11. My Grandfather’s Clock
12. It Could Be You (Instead Of Him)

Bonus Tracks:

13. I Got Stripes
14. Frankie’s Man, Johnny
15. You Dreamer You
16. I’ll Remember You
17. Wabash Blues
18. Bandana

CD 2: Hymns By Johnny Cash

1. It Was Jesus
2. I Saw A Man
3. Are All The Children In
4. The Old Account
5. Lead Me Gently Home, Father
6. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
7. Snow In His Hair
8. Lead Me Father
9. I Call Him
10. These Things Shall Pass
11. He’ll Be A Friend
12. God Will

Bonus Tracks:

13. That’s Enough
14. The Little Drummer Boy
15. I Was There When It Happened