Saxophone Colossus

Artist: Sonny Rollins
Format: 2LP
Bar-code: 5060143491573
Cat No: NOT2LP157


Few musicians can claim to rival John Coltrane in the tenor saxophone stakes, let alone to have looked him in the eye across a stage or studio floor. Sonny Rollins is one of those rare and talented men. His desire to push boundaries has kept him at the top for more than half a century: in critic John Fordham’s words, ‘the drive constantly to remake new music out of old is part of the spirit of jazz – and Rollins remains a dazzling exponent’. Sonny Rollins’ trademark enthusiasm and experimentation is apparent in every note he plays: enjoy this collection of classic recordings from his first golden period.


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Sonny Rollins LP

LP 1 Side 1

1. St. Thomas
2. You Don’t Know What Love Is
3. Strode Rode

LP 1 Side 2

1. Moritat
2. Blue 7

LP 2 Side 1

1. Tenor Madness
2. When Your Lover Has Gone

LP 2 Side 2

1. Paul’s Pal
2. My Reverie
3. The Most Beautiful Girl In The World