Remixed [180G YELLOW VINYL LP]

Format: LP
Bar-code: 5060348582830
Cat No: NOTLP283


Everybody loves the vocal sound of Bob Marley. But what about the music that supports his songs? This album contains a variety of mostly instrumental remixes of well-known Bob Marley songs. An eclectic mix of names have put their personal stamp on some of Bob’s classic tunes with some Interesting results. Cypress Hill’s Sen Dog has taken on ‘African Herbsman’, while Sheep On Drugs have had a stab at ‘Don’t Rock My Boat’. These and many more versions will keep the head nodding at the very least.

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Side One

1. Kaya (Bass Up Kevin Haskins Remix)
2. Sun Is Shining (Silverbeam Remix)
3. African Herbsman (Sen Dog/Cypress Hill Remix)
4. Fussin’ & Fightin’ (David Harrow Remix)
5. Don’t Rock My Boat (Sheep On Drugs Remix)
6. Mr. Brown (Electric Sky Church Remix)

Side Two

1. Put It On (Astralasia Remix)
2. Brain Washing (Filter Section Remix)
3. African Herbsman (Meek Remix)
4. Soul Rebel (Pistel Dub Remix)
5. Don’t Rock My Boat (In Dub Remix)
6. Mr. Brown (Spahn Ranch Remix)