Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom (2cd set)

Artist: Ma Rainey
Format: 2CD
Bar-code: 5060143497889
Cat No: NOT2CD788


In the early 1920’s, Paramount Records were renowned for their blues output. Their releases by such performers as Alberta Hunter caused cash registers to jingle prolifically, as they vied for domination in a market headed by Columbia and the magnificent Bessie Smith. But who could compete? Paramount’s 1924 catalogue supplied what the label believed was the answer, announcing that Ma Rainey was “recognised as the greatest blues singer ever known. Her records are breaking all records for popularity. Ma is the Mother of the Blues because she really taught many of the younger stars how to sing blues.” Paramount’s promotion spiel was nothing but the truth.

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Disc 1

1. “Ma” Rainey’s Black Bottom
2. Deep Moaning Blues
3. Those Dogs Of Mine
4. Black Eye Blues
5. See See Rider Blues
6. Runaway Blues
7. Walking Blues
8. Don’t Fish In My Sea
9. Booze And Blues
10. Big Boy Blues
11. Oh Papa Blues
12. Ma And Pa Poorhouse Blues (with Papa Charlie Jackson)
13. Toad Frog Blues
14. Lawd Send Me A Man Blues
15. Sweet Rough Man
16. So Soon This Morning
17. Hear Me Talkin To You
18. Memphis Bound Blues
19. Hellish Rag
20. Stack O’ Lee Blues

Disc 2

1. Shave ‘Em Dry Blues
2. Bad Luck Blues
3. Dead Drunk Blues
4. Barrel House Blues
5. Victim Of The Blues
6. Damper Down Blues
7. Big Feeling Papa (with Papa Charlie Jackson)
8. Leaving This Morning
9. “Ma” Rainey’s Mystery Record
10. Mountain Jack Blues
11. Blues Oh Blues
12. Misery Blues
13. Chain Gang Blues
14. Grievin’ Hearted Blues
15. Broken Hearted Blues
16. Screech Owl Blues
17. Honey, Where You Been So Long
18. Lucky Rock Blues
19. Southern Blues
20. Daddy Goodbye Blues