In Dub [180g Coloured Vinyl LP]

Format: LP
Bar-code: 5060348582847
Cat No: NOTLP284


Dub music, as this heavily instrumental reggae became known, became very popular in the 1970s, when many of the 7” singles that came out of Jamaica had a ‘dub’ version of the A-side on the B-side. In many cases this became the listener’s preferred version, with its heavy bass and echoed drum rhythms. That led to the most progressive producers putting together complete albums of this heavy dub music. These tracks by Bob Marley have been stripped back to bare instrumentals with occasional additions of heavy reverb and echoed vocals. Here is a chance to listen to these well-known songs with more emphasis on the backing track.

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Side One

1. Soul Rebel (Pistel Dub Remix)
2. Hypocrites (Dub)
3. Mr. Chatterbox (Dub)
4. Satisfy My Soul Jah-Jah (Dub)
5. Redder Than Red (Dub)
6. Don’t Rock My Boat (In Dub Remix)

Side Two

1. Try Me (Dub)
2. Mellow Mood (Dub)
3. Soul Almighty (Dub)
4. My Cup (Dub)
5. Put It On (Astralasia Dub)
6. Thank You Lord (Dub)