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Format: 2CD
Bar-code: 5060255183113
Cat No: DAY2CD311


It has to be said that among the most unlikely ‘superstars’ the UK produced during the 20th Century was the gap-toothed, ukuleleplaying comedian, George Formby. George’s cheeky songs such as When I’m Cleaning Windows and Leaning On A Lamp-Post became a fixture of British popular culture, and sailed close to the wind with his suggestive lyrics. Enjoy this supreme compilation including Mr. Wu’s A Window Cleaner Now, Leaning On A Lamp Post and The Window Cleaner.

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1. Leaning On A Lamp Post
2. The Window Cleaner
3. Auntie Maggie’s Remedy
4. With My Little Stick Of Blackpool Rock
5. Fanlight Fanny
6. Mother, What’ll I Do Now
7. The Lancashire Toreador
8. In My Little Snapshot Album
9. Down The Old Coal Hole
10. Home Guard Blues
11. I Always Get To Bed By Half Past Nine
12. I Told My Baby With The Ukulele
13. It Serves You Right
14. Our Sergeant Major
15. Spotting On Top Of Blackpool Tower
16. Thanks Mister Roosevelt
17. I’d Like A Dream Like That
18. The Wash House At The Back
19. You Don’t Need A License For That
20. The Barmaid At The Rose And Crown
21. Dare Devil Dick
22. Guarding The Home Of The Home Guard
23. Delivering The Morning Milk
24. Andy The Handy Man
25. Madam Moscovitch




1. Mr. Wu’s A Window Cleaner Now
2. Chinese Laundry Blues
3. Grandad’s Flannelett Nightshirt
4. The Window Cleaner (No. 2)
5. Why Don’t Women Like Me?
6. Frigid Air Fanny
7. The Lad From Lancashire
8. Our Fanny’s Gone All Yankee
9. I’m The Ukulele Man
10. Trailing Around In A Trailer
11. Swimmin’ With The Wimmin’
12. Sitting On The Sands All Night
13. I Went All Hot And Cold
14. It’s Turned Out Nice Again
15. Oh Don’t The Wind Blow Cold
16. The Joo-Jah Tree
17. You Can’t Stop Me From Dreaming
18. Blackpool Prom
19. Oh Dear Mother
20. Bless ’em All
21. With My Little Ukelele In My Hand
22. A Farmer’s Boy
23. Mr. Wu’s An Air Raid Warden Now
24. Banjo Boy
25. Happy Go Lucky Me