Singles Collection

Artist: The Shadows
Format: 2LP
Bar-code: 5060143491887
Cat No: NOT2LP188


‘When I was little,’ said Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits fame, ‘all I wanted was a red guitar and to play like Hank Marvin.’ The Shadows were crucial to the development of British rock. Their lengthy and legendary career began in 1958 when they formed as the Drifters. Alongside Johnny Kidd and the Pirates, they proved that the UK could produce music to equal that of its American counterparts: they set thousands of young wannabes like Mark Knopfler on the road to stardom with an instrumental sound dominated by Hank B Marvin’s distinctive six-string twang. Enjoy this 2LP Singles Collection from one of the world’s pioneering instrumental outfits.

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LP 1 : SIDE 1

1. Apache
2. Quartermaster’s Stores
3. Man Of Mystery
4. The Stranger
5. F.B.I.
6. Midnight
7. The Frightened City
8. Back Home

LP 1 : SIDE 2

1. Kon-Tiki
2. 36-24-36
3. The Savage
4. Peace Pipe
5. Wonderful Land
6. Stars Fell On Stockton
7. Guitar Tango
8. What A Lovely Tune

LP 2 : SIDE 1

1. Dance On
2. All Day
3. Feelin’ Fine (Vocal) (As The Drifters)
4. Don’t Be A Fool (With Love) (As The Drifters)
5. Driftin’ (As The Drifters)
6. Jet Black (As The Drifters)
7. Saturday Dance (Vocal)
8. Lonesome Fella


1. Mustang
2. The Theme From ‘Shane’
3. Shotgun
4. The Theme From ‘Giant’
5. Shadoogie
6. Nivram
7. Baby My Heart
8. See You In My Drums