Knock Yourself Out..

Artist: Baby Washington
Format: 2CD
Bar-code: 5060255183076
Cat No: DAY2CD307


A human voice that touches the heartstrings is a thing of joy, Justine ‘Baby’ Washington has just such a voice.
During a lifetime of singing and recording, the American soul star gained critical acclaim and the accolades of
many of her fellow performers. Enjoy the best of her here, including tracks “Hush Heart”, “Knock Yourself
Out” and “Pretty Eyed Baby”.

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CD 1

1. Hush Heart
2. A Handful Of Memories
3. The Time
4. Go On
5. Pretty Eyed Baby
6. Careless Hands
7. No Tears
8. Tears Fall
9. Medicine Man
10. Let Love Go By 11. Money’s Funny
12. My Time To Cry
13. Work Out
14. Let’s Love In The Moonlight
15. I Hate To See You Go


CD 2

1. Knock Yourself Out
2. Deep Down Love
3. Move On
4. Nobody Cares (About Me)
5. Your Mamma Knows What’s Right
6. The Bells (On Our Wedding Day)
7. Trapped In The Web Of Love
8. There You Go Again
9. Why Did My Baby Put Me Down
10. Don’t Cry, Foolish Heart
11. You Never Could Be Mine
12. Old Man Mose
13. Too Late
14. I’ve Got To Stop Loving You