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1. Tequila
2. Chariot Rock
3. Go Champs Go
4. Panic Button
5. Limbo Rock
6. Varsity Rock
7. Lavenia
8. Moonlight Bay
9. Experiment In Terror
10. I’ll Be There
11. Beatnik
12. Lollipop
13. The Little Matador
14. Hokey Pokey
15. Robot Walk
16. Night Beat
17. Rockin’ Mary
18. Bristol Stomp
19. Once Upon A Time
20. Sombrero
21. The Face
22. Night Train
23. Cocoanut Grove
24. The Rattler
25. Cantina



1. Everybody’s Rockin’
2. El Rancho Rock
3. Midnighter
4. Tequila Twist
5. Caramba
6. Jumping Bean
7. Red Eye
8. The Twist
9. Mau Mau Stomp
10. La Cucaracha
11. The Shoddy Shoddy
12. Just Walking In The Rain
13. The Bunny Hop
14. Night Life
15. Ali Baba
16. Latin Limbo
17. Train To Nowhere
18. Sky High
19. Gone Train
20. Twenty Thousand Leagues
21. Tough Train
22. That Did It
23. Alley Cat
24. What’s Up, Buttercup
25. Too Much Tequila (Calypso)

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The Champs were a rock and roll band most famous for their Latin-tinged instrumental song "Tequila", that became more famous than its A-side "Train To Nowhere". It went to No. 1 in just three weeks and the band became the first group to go to the top spot with an instrumental that was their first release. 

Today, though the Champs may be long gone, there is no doubt that Tequila remains among the most golden of golden oldies. And when it came to rock’n’roll instrumentals, they really were The Champs.

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