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1. Smokey Joe's La La
2. Caesar's Pad
3. The Slide (Part 1)
4. Little Cupid Blues
5. Romesville
6. Big Foot
7. Wham Bam
8. Look At Your Girl
9. Cherry Ferrari
10. Wiggle-Tail (Part 1)
11. Moonglow
12. Serenade In The Night
13. Ez-Zee
14. Skumbo
15. Cafe Roman Candle (Live)
16. Rock-A-Bye Baby
17. Hard Times
18. Forever
19. Sunrise
20. Flapjacks (Part 1)



1. Flapjacks (Part 2)
2. Rebecca
3. Cool It At The Coliseum
4. Twilight Walk
5. Flippin' The Pizza
6. The Slide (Part 2)
7. Midnight
8. Big Time
9. Come Back To Sorrento
10. Rock-A-Boogie
11. Wonderful Night
12. At The Break Of Dawn
13. Sidetrack
14. Beautiful Weekend
15. Wiggle-Tail (Part 2)
16. April Is Her Name
17. Swingin' Summer Love
18. Shine On Harvest Moon
19. Break It Up
20. Farewell To Rome

The Best Of


Format 2CD

Cat No NOT2CD668

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Son of the multi-talented composer Leon René, Rafael Leon "Googie" René proved at an early age that he would follow in the footsteps of his father. In 1950 after serving the U.S. Army Air Forces and finding his father's label, Exclusive Records, had gone bankrupt, Googie started Class Records where he showed his inherent genius for composing and arranging. Enjoy his best tracks on this 2CD collection, including Smokey Joe's La La, Caesar's Pad, Flapjacks and many more.

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