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Disc 1

1. Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash
2. I Fought The Law - The Crickets
3. The Tijuana Jail - The Kingston Trio
4. Chain Gang - Freddie Hart
5. Shackles & Chains - Marty Robbins
6. Wanted Man - Frankie Laine
7. The Girl On The Death Row - Lee Hazlewood
8. Lonesome Jailhouse Blues - Glen Campbell (feat. The Green River Boys)
9. Jailhouse Blues - Dinah Washington
10. Delia - Burl Ives
11. I’m Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail - Hank Snow
12. The Prisoner’s Song - Hylo Brown
13. I Got Stripes - Johnny Cash
14. Prison Bars All Around Me - Junior Wells
15. Jail House Champion - Jack Dupree
16. Tupelo County Jail - James O’Gwynn
17. They’re Hanging Me Tonight - Marty Robbins
18. He Had A Long Chain On - Jimmie Driftwood
19. 21 Days In Jail - Magic Sam
20. I’m Free From The Chain Gang Now - Jimmie Rodgers

Disc 2

1. The Hanging Tree - Marty Robbins
2. Run - Stonewall Jackson
3. Doing My Time - Johnny Cash
4. The Guard On The North Wall - Bobby Sykes
5. I’m Prison Bound - John Lee Hooker
6. The Wall - Freddie Hart
7. Fort Worth Jail - Skeets McDonald
8. At Dawn I Die - Johnny Bond
9. In The Jailhouse Now - Webb Pierce
10. Slack Your Rope - Jimmie Driftwood
11. Rocks & Gravel - Frankie Laine
12. County Jail Blues - Big Maceo
13. Penitentiary Blues - Lightnin’ Hopkins
14. Jailer, Bring Me Water - Bobby Darin
15. Transfusion Blues - Johnny Cash
16. Life To Go - Stonewall Jackson
17. Prison Grey - Frankie Miller
18. Portland County Jail - Ed McCurdy
19. Death Bells - Lightnin’ Hopkins
20. Send Me To The ’Lectric Chair - Dinah Washington

Behind Bars


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The blues and country music both have many major themes in common - love, moonshine whiskey, fast cars and fast women. When two or more of these factors combine, it tends to steer us inevitably into the territory that Dostoyevsky once famously defined as ‘crime and punishment’ . From solitary confinement to death row, from the chain gang to the gallows, the prison experience provides ripe material for songs that tell the saddest of stories. Sometimes those stories end happily – the faithful girlfriend waiting at the prison gates for the prisoner granted parole… but more often than not, end up either back in jail, or else a cold, cold grave.

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